So You Think You Know The Cloud: Hosting Alternatives You May Not Know About

It seems like everything has been moving to the cloud. Given the popularity of the term and the concept, it’s not surprising that many companies assume that cloud hosting is their best—and perhaps only—option for optimal hosting performance. Yet the truth is, there are plenty of other viable choices out there, including managed hosting, colocation and even DIY.
It all depends on a business’s unique hosting needs—what works for one company may not work for the next, because their goals and challenges are different. And despite its buzz-worthy status, the cloud may not be the best answer. They key to making the right choice is understanding each of those choices and knowing how to evaluate which option suits your business in terms of capabilities, cost and scalability.
In this webinar, Jeffrey Papen, Founder and CEO of Peak Hosting, will guide you through the different hosting options available, sharing the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision that works for your business. He will cover:
– Options for hosting your business or application – Cloud, DIY, and dedicated managed hosting
– Why the disadvantages of the cloud outweigh the benefits
– Why outsourcing isn’t a dirty word
– What Operations-as-a-Service is and how you can benefit from this model.

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