IT outsourcing: When it’s necessary and when it’s not

With Britain still managing a weaker economy than its traditionally used to outsourcing has become a necessity to keep businesses afloat and to stay competitive. Often outsourcing teams or projects proves to be an effective method to get high-quality work done without the need to go through the hassle of finding permanent staff, but is outsourcing always effective? I spoke to Rick Simmonds, managing partner of Aecus, all about outsourcing; when you should and when you shouldn’t, questions to ask ensure your business is right for outsourcing, and why outsourcing has become a trend in IT.

Why do you think the IT sector in particular was seen an increase in outsourcing? What is the reason for the trend, would you say it’s due to new technologies, a change in working philosophy or a combination of both?

There are a number of reasons why ITO (IT outsourcing) continues to grow, some to do with the market and some to do with technology.

Read more at: IT outsourcing: When it’s necessary and when it’s not by Nathan Chai


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