The Exceptional CIO

The Exceptional CIO is a thorough analysis of that role in the words of the CIOs themselves. The primary aim of the analysis was to determine what makes an exceptional CIO and the strategies for success that they deploy during their typical three-to-four-year  tenure in the role. In order to answer these questions we looked at the factors that motivate CIOs and the technologies that they are currently focusing on, as well as areas of interest for the future.

Key highlights from the research include:

  • CIOs have become business people as much as technology people and the exceptional CIO is integral to his or her employer’s fortunes.
  • The desire to use technology to innovate is the biggest motivating factor for CIOs.
  • The winning strategy is to first focus on the successful delivery of basic infrastructure projects in order to earn the right to innovate and become an integral part of the business.
  • The exceptional CIO must be able to communicate their clearly defined vision of how technology should be deployed to gain the competitive advantage. Their ability to influence others flows directly from their communication skills.
  • CIOs also require the strength of character to adapt their position in the face of shifting circumstances and they need to be natural lifelong learners.
  • A collaborative, collegiate approach is preferred by the exceptional CIO, although he or she will lead from the front when required and demonstrate personal and professional resilience in the face of inevitable challenges.
  • The exceptional CIO can manage upwards, downwards and sideways and must inspire trust from all levels as well as trusting and empowering others.
  • CIOs are focusing their attentions on a variety of areas, all of which ultimately relate to improving the customer experience. These areas include security, enhanced analytics, the internet of things, mobility, outsourcing, digital strategy, applications and greater use of automation.
  • Up-and-coming areas include open APIs and software defined solutions.
  • Exceptional CIOs prioritise networking with their peers in order to compare and validate ideas and also swap experiences with vendors and suppliers.
  • Our CIOs worked with a range of vendors with larger vendors offering the required scale and smaller ones more niche expertise. Flexibility was a prized commodity at every level.

Read the report at : Computing-The Exceptional CIO


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