Choosing the Right Service Provider for Cloud Infrastructure Outsourcing

To keep pace with new business demands, rising customer expectations, and emerging technologies, IT leaders are realizing an important opportunity: infrastructure outsourcing. These services, including colocation, hosting, and cloud computing, give IT organizations the flexibility and agility to better serve the needs of the business.

Successful infrastructure outsourcing depends greatly on whether enterprises partner with the right service provider. This report explores the benefits of selecting an adaptable, flexible service provider that can offer a broad range of IT outsourcing services.

Key highlights from this report include:

  • Enterprises need a mix of infrastructure, and they can benefit from the interdependent value delivered by combining colocation, hosting, and cloud services. Managed services are also a helpful option, whether delivered by an infrastructure provider or a specialized managed service provider (MSP).
  • Service providers that offer a full mix of infrastructure options are well positioned to facilitate the enterprise IT journey, which typically involves a wide variety of use cases and the need for multiple infrastructure solutions.
  • Many enterprises will benefit from a service provider partner that can assist with customized design and implementation, and meets their requirements for performance, reliability, security, and compliance.
  • There are no one-size-fits-all outsourcing solutions. IT organizations need granular customization and flexibility to architect systems that support their unique requirements.
  • Cloud computing is a valuable option for infrastructure outsourcing, although it is not expected to meet the complete requirements of every application.

Download the full report at: Choosing the Right Service Provider for Cloud Infrastructure Outsourcing

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