Telecoms Media & Technology Marketplace Analysis

As the domicile of many international banks, data protection continues to drive an increased share of work in this field, along with traditional outsourcing services. In particular, lawyers have reported ongoing compliance issues as concerns are raised over the security of company and client data. Concurrently, the Swiss federal government has looked to reform the telecoms market after its 2014 report concluded that the Telecommunications Act does not adequately provide for developments in the field and should be revised. As the TMT sector continues to develop, we have selected 36 lawyers for their stand-out expertise in these areas.

Walder Wyss delivers a highly impressive array of leading lawyers in this space. As a result, it is regularly cited as the market leader in information technology and telecommunications law. The “excellent” Didier Sangiorgio is without doubt “one of the stars of the industry”; he advises on an array of TMT transactions and global outsourcing projects. Jürg Schneider draws widespread praise from his peers for his “technical brilliance”. He is considered a leading lawyer in licensing, outsourcing and data protection. Mark Reutter is “brilliant to work with”, according to peers. He is “solutions-oriented” and “very pragmatic”, as well as a “go-to lawyer” for outsourcing transactions. Hans Rudolf Trüeb is an “exceptional handler” of technology transfers, licensing, distribution, cooperation and outsourcing projects. His “excellent market knowledge” is complimented by his “intellectual and creative approach”. Bernhard Heusler reinforced the Walder Wyss team in 2014. He is an “established practitioner” and “a key figure in the market”, especially in relation to outsourcing projects. Michael Isler is “a talented lawyer” who regularly advises in complex ICT, outsourcing and technology transfers.

Homburger has an established practice in the IT field that performs very well in our research. David Rosenthal is one of the most prominent data protection experts in the country. He is a “walking library of information”, according to peers. Georg Rauber, head of the IP and IT practice group, focuses on IT projects and outsourcing. He is an “intelligent and practical lawyer” who is widely respected for his longstanding practice in the industry. Gregor Bühler is well known for his data protection work. He is “attentive and pragmatic”, according to clients.

The boutique firm epartners Rechtsanwälte stands out for its expertise. Urs Egli, a founding partner of the firm, receives widespread acclaim for his “knowledgeable, highly competent and professional approach”. He has developed “excellent” relationships with his clients based on a “solutions-oriented” methodology. Alexander Schmid focuses his practice on contract law; in particular, IT outsourcing agreements, licensing, maintenance and service agreements. He is described as “an excellent lawyer with both a computer science background and a commercially oriented approach”.

Schellenberg Wittmer operates a successful practice in this area, particularly in relation to disputes. Andrea Mondini advises clients in contractual matters as well as acting as counsel in related litigation and arbitration proceedings. He is a “strong negotiator” and a “valuable source of advice”. Alongside him, the “exceptional” Roland Mathys advises clients in the IT field on both transactions and data protection matters.

Robert Briner of CMS von Erlach Poncet is one of the most experienced practitioners in this field. He is widely respected in the IT field for his “encyclopaedic knowledge” of software, computer, technology and e-commerce law.

Ursula Widmer, founder of Dr Widmer & Partners, Attorneys-At-Law, is “one of the most instantly recognisable names in IT law”. She is widely cited by peers and clients for her “unsurpassed knowledge of the industry”.

Lenz & Staehelin is represented by the well-known Lukas Morscher, head of the firm’s TMT practice group. According to sources, he is “exceptional” at outsourcing matters and “never puts a foot wrong”.

Peter Neuenschwander, a founding partner of Suffert Neuenschwander & Partner, has “unsurpassed experience” in outsourcing and IT projects. He is considered the “dean of the bar” and a “very impressive lawyer”.

At Augsburger Deutsch & Partner, Wolfgang Straub is a “star”. He is very popular among peers for his “accuracy and consistency”, and his technical knowledge of IT law.

Sole-practitioner Gianni Fröhlich-Bleuler is favoured by clients for his “forward-thinking” approach and “commercial understanding”. In particular, he has “vast experience” in software contracts and outsourcing transactions.

Michele Bernasconi of Bär & Karrer is very well regarded by his peers. He is often called upon for his “sound judgement” and “unquestionable expertise”.

Christian Laux, at the IT boutique Laux Lawyers, is a widely known to be an “intelligent lawyer” with an “extremely in-depth technical background”. His expertise and natural ability ensures that he is a popular source of counsel.

Rolf Weber is both a recognised academic and a private practice lawyer at Bratschi Wiederkehr & Buob. He is widely lauded for his knowledge and expertise; sources say, “He provides concise practical advice.”

Emil Neff, founder of Neff Legal, is an “industry veteran” and a “pioneer” in the field. He is “exceptional” at all things related to contracts and outsourcing agreements, according to peers.

At the boutique Id est avocats Sàrl, Michel Jaccard “is one of most outstanding lawyers in the area.” He is “technically proficient” in a range of technology-related transactions and data protection matters.

Vischer is represented by its “standout” TMT practitioner Rolf Auf der Maur. His “professional approach” is admired by his clients, as is his ability to “weigh up risks and find solutions.”

Lukas Bühlmann, at Bühlmann Attorneys at Law, focuses on e-commerce, internet and data protection matters. He is highly recommended for his work in these fields, and peers praise his “sharp mind and perceptive approach”.

At Pestalozzi, Clara-Ann Gordon operates a broad practice in this field with “a remarkable understanding of the tech market.” She consistently impresses clients with her “committed approach” and “technical ability”.

The “outstanding” Stephan Kronbichler, co-founder of Kronbichler & Tourette, has a deep wealth of experience, particularly contracts for complex IT outsourcing projects. He is described as “practically minded and very solution orientated.”

Nicola Benz of Froriep is a well-known IT and IP lawyer. She advises companies of all sizes on their licensing, contractual and outsourcing requirements. Respondents cite her as an “insightful and efficient lawyer” and a “strong drafter”.

Eversheds’ Leonz Meyer is an experienced hand in technology and IT law. His “detailed and solutions-oriented advice” is praised by his peers.

At Niederer Kraft & Frey is the “brilliant” András Gurovits, who advises clients on outsourcing transactions. He is an established practitioner with “a consummate understanding of technology.”

Mathis Berger of Nater Dallafior Rechtsanwälte is experienced in representing technology clients in commercial transactions. His “knowledgeable and commercially minded approach is a valuable resource”, according to sources.

At Python & Peter, Thomas Legler is recognised for his “longstanding and insightful practice”. As a respondent noted, “he combines an impressive understanding of technology with a sense of clients’ needs”.

Gérald Page, founding partner of Page & Partners, is known for his contentious and non-contentious data protection, licensing and IT procurement practice. He is “an astute lawyer, who is able to form bespoke solutions”.

David Känzig of Thouvenin Rechtsanwälte is a “prominent figure” in the telecommunications sector and he also advises on wider corporate transactions in the technologies area. He is “commercially minded and proactive”, according to sources.

Rory Macmillan, at Macmillan Keck, advises internationally based clients on telecommunications transactions and regulations. He is described as a “highly sought-after counsel” in this regard.

Source: WWL-Telecoms Media & Technology Marketplace Analysis

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