Amazon And Microsoft Dominate The $20 Billion Cloud

Cloud computing now totals nearly $20 billion, but not everyone shares equally in those cumulus riches. According to a new Synergy Research report, Amazon Web Services dominates the cloud with 28% of the overall market, with Microsoft Azure making gains but still commanding just 10% of the market.

And while that AWS lead isn’t as hefty as it once was, the cloud market clearly seems to be settling into the Haves, mainly comprised of AWS and Microsoft, and the Have Nots, which includes everyone else.

A Big Market Getting Bigger

For years we had to guess at how big the cloud was, given that Amazon, Microsoft, and others refused to break out cloud revenue. That is changing, and Synergy estimates that quarterly cloud infrastructure service revenues (which includes IaaS, PaaS, and private and hybrid cloud) is close to $5 billion, with trailing twelve-month revenues topping $16 billion.

In terms of growth, 2014 saw cloud revenues rising 48% over 2013, with Amazon continuing to outpace the market on a massive base of revenue:

Cloud Computing

This isn’t as substantial as AWS’ lead once was. As Gartner analyst Lydia Leong once detailed, AWS used to offer five times the utilized capacity of its next nearest 14 competitors … combined.

In fact, by some estimates AWS is the fastest-growing software business in history. Not bad for a company selling commodity compute and storage services.

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