Accenture Buys Salesforce Consultant Tquila

Accenture has acquired the independent Salesforce implementation partner Tquila. The acquisition means significant growth for Accenture’s Emerging Platforms business, increasing Accenture’s presence as a Salesforce services provider.

The merger will make Accenture one the UK’s biggest Salesforce providers, with a total of 185 consultants.

Emma McGuigan, Accenture Technology’s managing director for the UK and Ireland, explained the thinking behind the merger: “We have seen significant growth in SaaS as more companies adopt the cloud and digital strategies to collaborate better, drive greater operational efficiencies and accelerate the development of new products and services.”

The acquisition comes at a time when Salesforce itself may be up for sale. The CRM software market leader has recently been courted by the likes of IBM and Oracle; it is thought that only SAP, Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle could actually afford the takeover.

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