How to Deal With a Perfect Storm of Disruption in the Managed Services Business

There is a growing chorus of concern among MSP’s. It’s not that they are filled with doom-andgloom; rather, there’s a shared feeling that a major inflection point has been reached in the MSP industry. We’re bracing for more change in the next two years than the industry has seen in the past 15. Drivers that are creating a perfect storm of disruption include new competitors, converging technologies, and IT everywhere. Change on the scale we’re anticipating always brings explosive opportunities and challenges. Whether you emerge a winner or loser will be defined by how you respond to both. That’s my purpose in writing this paper: to share candid insights on the big trends we’re seeing. More importantly, I want to give you the strategies and action steps N-able Technologies is recommending to ensure our global Partners stay on top of change – and remain the most successful MSPs in the world. Everything in this paper is based on my experience working with our 2,500 global Partners and an analysis by N-able’s senior management team. This paper will be invaluable if you’re a MSP or IT service provider targeting SMBs or mid-market customers. The insights will equip you with practical strategies for sailing with greater confidence through a perfect storm of disruption.

Big Drivers fo Change

We always expect change. When we see the following, we quickly realize that “rear view vision” will be less and less useful for predicting the road ahead. Here are the five big change agents we are actively tracking and creating strategies for:

1. New Competitors – and “Convergence”

2. Commoditization – driving price wars

3. Mobility – and mobile computing

4. IT Anywhere – and on any device

5. The Cloud – a new reality in Managed Services

Let’s tackle each one to create the right context for the strategies we are recommending to our global Partners – and that you may want to adopt too.

Download the whitepaper:  How to Deal With a Perfect Storm of Disruption in the Managed Services Business

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