NASA Is Outsourcing Design Of Smartwatch App For Astronauts To Freelancers

NASA is planning to recruit freelancers around the world to design the smartwatch app for astronauts. This smartwatch app will be used by astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) in the ongoing space research program. NASA’s Centre of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation aka CoECI has tied up with, one of the top websites in the world for freelancers, to design the graphical user interface of the new smartwatch app.

The app will be officially called ‘Astronaut Smartwatch App’ and it is likely to be used by Robonaut 2 – a robotic crew member that helps astronauts on the ISS, informed in a press release. It also informed the potential participants that they can use Samsung Gear 2 as hardware reference to base their designs.

The participating freelancers will have to submit the wireframes in PNG or JPEG format that highlight app’s navigation, overall layout, look and feel and other relevant design elements. The official challenge on briefs that the app will be used for Crew Timeline Application – that will display the agenda with an ability to easily move to a day in past or future. The app will also display caution and warnings in special color codes.

The app is required to show the status of audio/video communication between the vehicle and the ground station. In addition, it will be required to be able to set up the timers for various procedures that astronauts perform. For example, the app will inform the astronaut which task they are supposed to perform next. Read the brief on the source link below.

The candidates applying for the contest will be required to have understanding of Android interface design, software architecture, UI design and watchkit. The winners will take away a cash prize of $1500. The contest has already received three entries at the time of writing this update.

Source: – NASA Is Outsourcing Design Of Smartwatch App For Astronauts To Freelancers by Kaustubh Katdare


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