The BPO Profession in 2015

As the BPO industry has steadily matured over the past two-plus decades, a core competency is emerging that encompasses all the elements of managing and creating value from business and technology services relationships.

This core competency is centered on defining and working toward a common set of defined business outcomes, with an entrepreneurial spirit, which we call “The Capability Broker” career path. HfS research shows 97% of the Global 2000 have a significant outsourcing relationship, with thousands of people with specific roles, metrics, deliverables, and proven results in BPO and IT engagements. Today, a generation of professionals has been in BPO long enough (the first contracts date back to more than 20 years ago), and with enough professional advancements and accumulated impact to call BPO an actual career. However, this career does not begin and end in BPO, as there is a link with corporate enterprises. As BPO has matured, it has also evolved in most large enterprises to more than merely a stand-alone delivery model. Increasingly, maturing service buyers are incorporating a mix of offshore and on-site delivery staff with the rest of the enterprise. They are all becoming a more crucial element of a hybrid operating environment that frequently involves in-house shared services, offshore in-house centers, and other service provider delivery teams in adjacent areas. As businesses use these models and enabling technologies to define and deliver specific business outcomes in a more collaborative and flexible fashion, we see it all coming together as the “As-a-Service Economy.” In today’s emerging “As-a-Service Economy,” where on-tap service delivery becomes the norm for enterprises that need flexibility and third-party expertise, we have an opportunity to clearly define a career path for professionals who have developed an expertise in what started as a niche competency and has quickly grown into a recognizable and marketable set of skills. The BPO role encapsulates the skills required not only to deliver smoothly run operational processes but also to impact business outcomes that are strategic to the business, using creative thinking, business insight, and technology tools effectively.

Download the whitepaper at: The BPO Profession in 2015


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