The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing in China

Regardless of what you do, you need to improve the bottom line of your business. You need to have your products manufactured in a specific place at a lower cost so that your profits will increase and you will gain a competitive edge that sets you apart from your competition. Not only that, you also need to deliver top quality products that offer a wide variety of features. You need to have great service and have the ability to serve your customers better. It means that you need professional assistance.

You need to know how to get started. If you want to achieve huge success, you need to know how to navigate the process of obtaining goods from distant countries, specifically from China. This is why working with an intermediary company becomes incredibly useful. Professionals from China Assured are experts in the procurement process and they have a deep knowledge on local procedures, customs, and everything else that makes an effort to obtain quality, low-cost products in China successful. What follows is a closely guided procedure that ensures quality products eventually reach your customers and you gain significant profit.

With China Assured, you no longer need to work hard to find a trusted intermediary. Unless you are well-versed in the customs and culture of China, you will need professionals at the local level to represent you. We have substantial experience and we help you establish relationships. We also negotiate on your behalf.

China Assured is your best option because we handle the process from beginning to end. Regardless of whether you are new traders or you are already well-established business owners. We are your most trusted source due to our significant diligence and experience. We save you the time and energy associated with the importation process.

Finding a Manufacturing Partner

Local experts are essential when looking for a trusted manufacturer in China. You need to look for someone with whom you can establish a solid and trustworthy working relationship that lasts for a long duration of time. The best way to find a good manufacturing partner is to follow our proven guideline. As an example, we accompany you to attend Chinese trade shows, one of the biggest of which is the Canton Fair in Guangzhou. At these events, we will connect you with trusted manufacturers that will make any type of product you desire.

With this method, you will not run the risk of scams, price gouging, lack of quality assurance, etc. The best way to avoid these pitfalls is to directly choose reliable manufacturers with years of excellent track record. We will not only help you find the right manufacturer in the first place, but also make sure to negotiate the best price deal for you and arrange the fastest production time. And just like with a manufacturer, we will be happy to establish a partner relationship with you.

Develop a Business Relationship

Once you have found a manufacturer through us in China, in some cases, you can’t approach them as you would in the US. There are very strict customs in Chinese culture, especially in the business realm, and it is in your best interest to learn and respect them. China Assured helps you with building these relationships, which are known in Mandarin as guanxi.

The complexities of guanxi are deep and difficult to adapt to within a short time frame, which is usually equal to the time you need until a product is ready for distribution. Unless you plan on spending a copious amount of time in China and learn the art of relationship-building within the Chinese society, it’s much better to have a highly experienced partner as an intermediary who understands the local culture, speaks the language fluently, and can guide your business in the best possible direction. China Assured will do this all for you.

Be Direct with Your Terms

When you are negotiating with a new manufacturing partner, you can relay your ideas to China Assured. you are able to state your needs clearly and directly. When working with us, there will be no gray areas. You may clearly state your needs, such as, “All products must be painted with lead-free paint,” or, “Our company policy demands a deficit rate of no more than one percent.”

Personally Inspect the Supply Chain

You are able to meet with every supplier and vendor in the supply chain in our network. You can trust the manufacturer to meet all of your specifications; but you should still need to inspect them yourself. China Assured helps you to consult every supplier and vendor involved and you will avoid a lot of hassles along the way. China Assured monitors the entire process, but it is also up to you to request updates and see that your specifications are met.

Closely Monitor Your Products

You need to check up with the manufacturer on a regular basis. Personally visit the factory, or have China Assured do it for you. When visiting a Chinese manufacturer, you may speak with management and the workers. Auditing a manufacturer is crucial to ensuring that your product is produced at the highest quality and under the best practices. China Assured is a premiere intermediary that ensures manufacturer’s legitimacy is validated and oversees them every step of the way.

Make Shipping Arrangements

Arrange for the best method of shipping, based on what you plan to ship. Choose air or sea transport and arrange for a logistics provider to take care of the details. Make sure you’re adhering to all customs and quality procedures. China Assured handles all of this for you: we make sure manufacturers conduct proper internal inspections, provide proper labeling, and deliver products from the overseas factory to your doorstep.

And that’s it—the ultimate guide to outsourcing in China get you started on your importing business with trusted manufacturers in China.

Source: The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing in China 

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