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The popular perception of ‘outsourcing’ is that of a call center in a high rise building in Mumbai or Manila. While it is true that the industry established itself around call center activities, we are now looking at highly automated business process outsourcing (BPO) companies that have generated nearly $100 billion revenue in 2015 (Statista). The industry has evolved at an astronomical rate in the past decade and we are looking at even faster developments for the years to come. Here are four trends that promise to shape outsourcing in the near future.

Robotics will influence speed and efficiency


The rise of robotic processing automation (RPA) will have a major impact on major industries including BPO. We will rely more and more on ‘robots’ or computer software to capture applications or complete a wide variety of tasks, such as data manipulation or repetitive activities. Some jobs that require manual labor will now be taken over by supercomputers that can complete calculations and data organization much faster. The growth of robotics technology is bound to have an impact on the BPO market.

More Importance For Data Security


One of our clients main concerns is data security. As enterprises worldwide become increasingly digitally fluent, they become more demanding when it comes to confidentiality. Their success is largely dependent on the power of knowledge and information assets, so compromising data security is a real concern. To answer these needs BPO companies are developing several solutions to ensure client data is kept safe.

We see the rise of content management systems with encryption algorithms, to protect all forms of client data including audio and video files. IT teams are also looking to devise data security solutions that include self-protection features to ensure it is difficult to access unauthorized data. In line with these developments, Onboard CRM is ISO 27001 certified to give our clients and partners the highest level of service and security.

Working With More Than One Outsourcing Company


It seems that a single outsourcing entity is no longer enough. In 2016, still more companies use the services of several BPO providers simultaneously to answer and support their diverse business needs. Cloud computing technology makes it possible to coordinate workflow between several organizations at once. While this approach might be beneficial, we strongly advise businesses to explore options of using one-stop agencies to maintain quality and efficiency. Smart BPO enterprises diversify their services to provide a wide range of solutions making the coordination of information & work smooth and effective, and to secure the expected results.

Data Services as a Part of a Digital Business Strategy

For a while now data management has been outsourced to save time. However, separate services like data processing and analytics are no longer enough. Marketable data needs to be analyzed, consolidated, enriched, integrated and continuously renewed. It is used in larger marketing and business development cycles that are an integral part of any global outsourcing operation. Companies often struggle to make sense of the data that is presented to them. They often don’t know where to find the relevant data or how to use under the pressures of an increasingly digital business world. Just using data will not leverage the results that a carefully designed digital strategy would.

Source: onboardcrm.com-Outsourcing trends for 2017 | Onboard blog

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