IT Outsourcing Review: Ukraine have arranged the project in order to reveal the most captivating and informative data bringing the greatest use to the readers. Our mission is to take off the blanket and show all the benefits of IT outsourcing that Ukraine can offer to both national and foreign clients.

The website is being built in a way any user can find everything necessary helping to choose Ukraine as its priority for doing business with. Different topics coverage in the Blog provides an analysis of the main advantages and disadvantages of the country since there is a good pile of information already available.

Another part is the IT Outsourcing Playbook which is a brief and structured outline of the main information about Ukraine and its current IT outsourcing potential. Playbook aims at providing the most significant and precise data that will not mislead the reader about the local IT environment.

And, finally, an analytic Research on different IT outsourcing-related issues and trends can be ordered in case if you need more information about Ukraine or other CEE region countries. Moreover, the team is already working on new updates to the structure of the website.

Ukraine and its IT arena are open to the world and invite new businesses to be established. If you don’t want to miss and keep tuned with the newest issues, visit our website and subscribe via email to receive our newsletters.

Source: Outsourcing Review: Ukraine

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