The Era of Cognitive Is Changing the Notion of Service Agents

The pace of change and innovation driving the need for Intelligent Automation (IA) capabilities is astounding. Our inaugural HfS Intelligent Automation Blueprint research has outlined how many of the leading service providers are anticipating and investing in the emerging disruption that will transform the way many enterprises adopt services to manage their operations.

Suffice it to say, there is a marked difference between providers building out their assets and actual adoption by clients. While the notion of IA is still clearly poorly defined in the industry, the common denominator is centered on enterprises being able to increase their operations without having to keep increasing its global labor pool to support it.

While there are other motivations to adopt IA, such as process harmonization and digitization, this desire to rationalize global labor resources is the prime cause of the widespread disruption we are expecting in the short to medium term. Moreover, this whole concept of IA and its disruptive impact can be seen most profusely with the emergence of Virtual Agents.

Source: Era of Cognitive Is Changing the Notion of Service Agents


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