Focus On LISA, the World’s First Impartial Robot Lawyer

LISA, the World’s First Impartial Robot Lawyer

Sourcingfocus speaks with Chrissie Lightfoot, one of the World’s Top Female Futurists as well as CEO and founder of EntrepreneurLawyer Ltd and the visionary creator of Robot Lawyer LISA – the world’s first impartial AI lawyer.

We started by discussing Legal Intelligent Support Assistant (LISA) and how she/it can help customers and the legal industry. “LISA is the first impartial AI lawyer that provides guidance and support on a collaboration between two clients, negating the use of human lawyers on both sides. Traditional human lawyers are quite adversarial on non-contentious issues, take for example basic NDA where you would need two lawyers, one for each party. What tends to happen is time and cost increases as lawyers can become involved in game playing to get to a middle ground where both sides are happy. By using LISA, clients remove the time and cost of drafting an NDA, bringing new clients to the service and helping existing ones.”

“Obviously, this is a disruptive technology as it replaces the human lawyer entirely, not once but twice, but this can be hugely beneficial for firms and end customers who have an idea and want to make sure that it is protected going forward. There is a massive latent legal market in the UK that has never been serviced by legal firms, a whopping 54% of SME’s in the UK, in the US it’s 80% and in Canada it is as high as 90%.” As the way we work changes and businesses see an ever diminishing life cycle, LISA will become crucial to the entrepreneurs who want to get down to business.

In the UK, a third of customers have never had the benefit of quality legal support or guidance from seeing a human lawyer because of time, availability and cost. LISA is a huge boon for those customers. “LISA is there to help the incubators, start-ups, growth companies and serial entrepreneurs be more successful by reducing the investment of time and money that many new businesses could never afford.” Like financial technologies that brought banking to those who have never been in the financial system, LISA acts as an enabler bringing new clients into the system. “We are not trying to replace the work of lawyers but allow them the opportunity to focus on the important areas which are more complex.”

LISA frees up highly skilled lawyer so they can focus on the complex things that clients want them for, you don’t get a heart surgeon to stich up a cut because you need them doing what they are best at. “We are not seen as competition as lawyers appreciate LISA doing this process so they can better use their time and efforts.”

LISA herself is a cloud based platform serviced through a URL accessible through a PC or Tablet or Mobile Device which both parties access creating a document that can be signed off and is ready to execute. The way LISA works involves a human lawyer who passed their experience into an AI platform, so you can have the knowledge and experience of that human lawyer (in this case with 25 years of experience) behind a quick and efficient system allowing the two parties to create a document in real time, they can get through building the NDA in 15 minutes.

“The official launch was on the 6th of April but since the soft launch in November 2016 we have had over 1000 uses of the NDA across the world including Europe, Asia, the United States and South America.” LISA is built around English law and English jurisdiction and therefore countries and companies are using it worldwide as English law is revered.

“I’ve set out on this with a real crusade, being an entrepreneur I was always frustrated about the cost and time involved with human lawyers and the lack of communication with the other side, so I thought that there must be another better way. A lot of good human lawyers can be frustrated by the ego or arrogance of another lawyer who wants to fight over a small point that costs the client time and money and the deal isn’t getting done. If you provide the client the knowledge, as they are taking the risk they can choose how to proceed and what decision they want to make. Most business people are down to earth and want to get past the legal and down to business. We are trying to take the adversarial out of everyday legal negotiations between two parties.”

“Any sector has a lot of curiosity about AI and Robotics because there is so much media surrounding it, people want to know what is its usefulness and what is the business and what would be the return on investment. Instead of being enamoured by robots and software and the terminology, focus on the problem you want solving and can you use the technology to solve the crucial problems.” In time, the legal market will come to embrace the use of AI and automation as we learn to trust these systems, it’s already happened in so many markets so it must only be a matter of time before the legal market is the same.

Source: On LISA, the World’s First Impartial Robot Lawyer


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